Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Habits

Hello to all of ya!!

I haven't posted since LAST YEAR....bad girl, shame on me!!  Well all this of me moving to another house in the middle of December, hasn't been very easy.  So I decided to sip my cup of coffee, while I begin writiing in my blog EVERY MORNING starting this 2011.

I really think this is something mostly everyone says:  "Starting January I'm going to.........".  Doesn't this frase sound familiar to you?  And years come and go and we are still trying and trying to keep up our commitments.   Of course, I'm not different.  Every single year I buy myself an agenda.  At the beginning, everything seems to work perfect.  I write in the things I have to accomplish throughout the day, but as the days go by, I start forgetting, first to write, and if I do, I forgert to scratch off what I have done.

So, again I bought myself an agenda for 2011, which I'm carrying in my purse all the time,  I will start dieting on Jan 16 after my last Christmas party is over (Christmas in PR is not finished until almost the third week in January, for those of you who don't know) and I will create something to post EVERY morning on my blog.....PROMISED!!

Now, I want to show you the ONLY 3 cards I was able to make during Christmas.  My husband needed 3 postcards for his 2 daughters and his son, and I said:  Why buy them if I can make them?  Here they are.

The first 2 I wrote Spanish sentiments and the 3rd one I did in English.  Hope you get inspired by them.  Bye.

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  1. Hi! What a beautiful blog! Nice cards! xoxo